When you are using external speakers with your computer, volume is generally the last you worry about. Turn up the volume on the external speakers and your music, video or game sound plays at the desired level. And with most headsets the same applies, audio volume is not often a concern. But if you are […]

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If you have a large music collection, you might know the problem: you end up with the same songs in your collection in multiple locations. No matter how you try to organize the file and folder structure, keeping track is simply difficult with so many music files. The problem will only increase if you use […]

Voice over IP (VOIP) calls are rather common these days, and there are many programs supporting VOIP calls. Most chat programs like Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Talk all cater to VOIP calling but one of the first programs with really good quality audio was Skype. Due to this, Skype has become, more or […]

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