The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is perfect for connecting your computer to your television. A HDMI connection can transport both audio and video (including high definition) from your PC or laptop to the TV.

The HDMI connection is supported by most modern video cards and can also be integrated on your laptop directly. Connecting the computer to the TV through HDMI is basically connecting a HDMI cable between the two.

Connect computer to TV using HDMI

HDMI Sound Problems

But when everything is connected, it does not automatically mean it will always work immediately. For proper HDMI support on your computer, first make sure your device drivers are up-to-date. This will ensure that the HDMI controller is enabled and supported. Check the Device Manager to make sure the audio and video devices are working without errors.

On the computer side, it is also important that you define the HDMI Sound option as the default sound output device. So open the Control Panel, select Sound and change the Playback device.

ATI HDMI Output playback device

In the screenshot example, right-click the ATI HDMI Output and in the popup menu, select Set as Default Device, and select Properties to enable the device and change the volume Levels.

Also check the volume setting for the HDMI Sound device, since the volume requirement for the TV might be different than the default volume settings on the computer.

In case you do not see your HDMI audio device, make sure you enable the Windows sound manager to show all devices. Simply right-click in the list of audio output devices, and in the popup menu click Show Disabled Devices. Now you can enable the HDMI device in case it was disabled.

Windows disable audio devices

Next, on the TV, make sure you select the right HDMI port as the input source. Many TVs have multiple HDMI input ports, so selecting the right one is critical for things to work properly.

If things are still not working, check the settings of the program you are using for the audio and/or video playback. Some programs have their own configuration of which device to use for playback. In VLC media player for example you will find the option Audio Device in the Audio menu.

In case you are using a AMD /ATI video card with HDMI output, their troubleshooting guide might be of help to you.

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