Windows Media Player is the default Windows program for both audio and video. Through the years Windows Media Player has evolved in a complete multimedia program with support for most audio and video formats. Additional codec packs allow support for even more formats.

But for any sound to be heard at all, the audio device needs to work, as well as the speakers. Like any program, Windows Media Player can also experience problems, and error 0xC00D11BA is one possible problem.

Basically error 0xC00D11BA indicates that there is a problem with your sound device. So to fix error 0xC00D11BA in the Windows Media Player, check your audio configuration, starting with the sound device itself.

So open up the Device Manager from the Control Panel and check if you have any errors (typically a yellow question mark) indicated on your audio devices. Missing or corrupted driver problems can often be resolved by reinstalling the sound drivers. When installing a sound driver:

  • Make sure you have the right sound driver for your computer/sound card
  • Uninstall the current sound device first if the driver installation fails
  • Use an account with administrator rights when installing any driver

Next, check the Sound setup in the Control Panel and make sure the default audio device is selected correctly. In case of a modem or TV Card, there might be multiple audio devices, so the right one needs to be selected.

Another possibility is that the sound device is in use by another program, preventing Windows Media Player to use the device. Again error 0xC00D11BA can be the result. To solve the problem in this case, close any applications that might be using the sound device. Make sure to also check the taskbar notification area for programs that are running, as it might not always be obvious which program is blocking access to the audio device.

The next step is to check your DirectX setup. Incompatibility between the DirectX version and your sound card could cause error 0xC00D11BA as well. Use dxdiag.exe to check your DirectX sound setup.

DirectX sound diagnostics

As shown in the sample image, the Sound tab should indicate “No problems found”. If necessary download and reinstall the latest DirectX version for your computer.

If the above steps still did not fix error 0xC00D11BA in Windows Media Player, check the settings in the Media Player itself. Start Windows Media Player, and in Tools menu, select Options (press the Alt key if you do not see the menus). This will bring up the Options window.

Windows Media Player options

Select the Speakers entry in the Devices list and click the Properties button. This will bring up the Speaker Properties window. Depending on the Windows version and the version of Windows Media Player, the Speaker Properties window can look a little different. In Windows XP with version 9 or 10 of the Windows Media Player, you will see:

Speaker properties in Windows XP

Here it is important to select the correct Audio device to use. If it is set to Default DirectSound Device, try changing it to DirectSound: Realtek HD Audio output (this depends on the actual audio device in your computer of course, in the example it is a Realtek sound device).

The S/PDFI digital output setting could affect whether or not you hear any sound, but it should not be responsible for error 0xC00D11BA.

If the audio device selection does not help, click the Advanced button. That will bring up the Sound and Audio Devices Properties with the Volume tab activated. Again, these settings should not cause the error 0xC00D11BA, but could be responsible for no sound from the speakers. So make sure the volume is not muted and the volume level is high enough.

Now select the Audio tab and make sure the default device for sound playback is selected properly.

Default sound device selection

As you can see in the screenshot, there is also a Modem sound device available, and selecting that certainly will not work.

The last thing to look at is the Hardware tab, where you can check the properties for the audio device in your computer. Select the Hardware tab, then select your sound device in the list and click Properties.

Sound hardware settings in XP

Clicking the Properties button will bring up the properties window for the sound card in your computer. Make sure the Device usage option is set to Use this device (enable) to make sure the audio device is not disabled.

You can use the Driver tab to update the device driver for the audio device, but since that is a step we covered earlier, we can skip that here. What you can try is the Windows troubleshooting wizard by clicking the Toubleshoot button. That will bring up the Help and Support Center, where you will be asked a series of questions related to the problem you are experiencing.

Realtek HD audio proeprties

In some cases Windows Media Player error 0xC00D11BA can also be solved by installing the right codec for the media file you are trying to play. Normally it would result in a different error, but if you have tried everything already, installing additional codecs never harms. The simplest option is to use the Microsoft Codec Pack, although it is possible to enable automatic downloading of missing codecs in the Windows Media Player itself. Other options for codec packs are K-Lite code pack and CCCP.

Vista and Window 7 Settings

As mentioned earlier, the Speakers Properties for later Windows versions will look different. Windows Media Player on Vista will show you this window:

Sound settings in Vista

It is important that the Speakers entry shows the audio device in the computer and that the status is Working. To further check the audio setup, select the Speakers entry and click the Properties button.

This will bring up the Speaker Properties windows for Vista.

Speaker configuration in Vista

Here you also need to make sure the Device usage is set to Use this device (enable). Click the Levels tab to make sure the sound level is high enough. In the Enhancements you can disable all enhancements to check if the enhancements cause error 0xC00D11BA. The Advanced tab finally has an option to control the Exclusive Mode access of the audio device. By default Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device and Give exclusive mode applications priority are selected, so try disabling them to resolve error 0xC00D11BA in Windows Media Player.

The Properties button in the Controller Information section gives access to the audio device driver settings, but again we refer to the start of this article where we covered sound driver aspects.

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