Computer users that like to play music on their computer will generally either be downloading MP3 files, or streaming music directly from the Internet. In this last category the Spotify application is very popular, since it allows you access to a broad range of music for a limited cost.

Another useful application for music on the computer is DFX Audio Enhancer, an application that can help you boost your audio. Especially on laptops with integrated speakers the volume boost can be helpful.

But now these two applications have worked together to create DFX Radio. This is an application that integrates with Spotify to enable users live audio streaming. Nothing new you’d say, but the cool feature about this application is that it can select music for you based on a similar artist as the one the user selected. The feature is called ExploreMatch®, and it has a level setting that determines the range of selected music. So if you want to stick closely to your current artist, you set it to 1, and if you want to allow the algorithm to select a wider range of music, you increase the level.

Once the music selected is created, you can easily add selected songs to a playlist, or play them individually.

Automatically selected music playback with Spotify.

So if you always struggle to pick the next artist or song to select, give DFX Radio a try and see if it helps you in choosing the songs for you!

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