The title might be a bit confusing, but if you face this error while installing or updating the Realtek audio driver, you will recognize it. Basically error code 0x000005b3 during the install of the Realtek audio driver indicates a problem with the driver installation, caused by the currently installed driver. The existing driver is corrupt, or partially uninstalled.

So how can you fix this Realtek audio driver install error?

The basic solution to this error is to uninstall the previous Realtek audio driver. That sounds simple, but the normal uinstall option is not always sufficient to solve the error.

The first step however is to run the uninstall from the Control Panel -> Uninstall (Vista/Windows 7) or Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP).

Uninstall Realtek HD audio driver software

Once this is complete, you should open the Device Manager and check the entries under the Sound, video and game controllers. If there is still an audio device listed, uninstall it there as well. You can simply right-click the device and select Uninstall in the popup menu.

Uninstall Realtek High Definition Audio Driver device

If you see an option to remove the device driver files, select that checkbox as well before confirming the uninstall.

Remove Realtek driver software

In most cases this is still not sufficient, and the error persists. The steps that do solve the issue are to also remove the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio in the System devices category. So still in the Device Manager, open the System devices and see if this device is present. If it is, uninstall it in the same way you uninstalled the Realtek High Definition Audio device.

If the MS UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio does not want to uninstall, try disabling it first and then uninstall it. Simply right-click the device and select Disable in the popup menu. Then repeat with the Uninstall option.

Now reboot the computer and try the update or install of the Realtek audio driver again. You should no longer get the “install realtek audio driver failure” message with error code 0x000005b3.

32 Responses to “How to fix install realtek audio driver failure error code 0x000005b3”

  1. Furkan says:

    Here is mysituation and solution to 0x00005b3:

    ASUS N550JV with Realtek HD Audio Card.

    I have tried to update the driver and got the error. So I decided to uninstall the old driver first. After that point it was irreversible. I could not install any old or new Realtek driver. Microsoft UAA is not listed under the system devices.

    Solution: I manually picked the driver: Device manager> (uninstalled device) update driver>Browse My Computer for driver software> Let me Pick> Audio Video Control devices> High definition Audio( Not the Realtek HD… only “High Definition Audio)

    My audio chip is not anymore listed as Realtek but it works like a charm.

  2. Geoff says:

    @Furkan – Thanks for sharing your solution. And yes, manually browsing for a driver using a local copy of the extracted driver files can sometimes help to force a specific driver to be installed.

  3. Weesy says:

    Still fails but
    Do i uninstall
    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
    its on my network adapters

  4. Geoff says:

    @Weesy – No, do not uninstall the Realtek controller that is listed under the network adapters. That is another piece of hardware, also using a Realtek chipset, but has nothing to do with the audio.

    Have you also tried to use the solution Furkan used? That means using 7-zip to uncompress the Realtek audio installer and then manually pick the driver from the extracted (sub)folder.

  5. tot says:

    thx Furkan, it works

  6. Steve says:

    I deleted all RealTek folders under Program Files and Program Files(x86). Then updating the driver worked and the sound worked, and the RealTek device showed up under Device Manager.

  7. Geoff2 says:

    Total disaster, no sound anymore…

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