Playing video on your computer is so common these days that we expect everything to always work, which means we see the video and hear the audio. But it is quite possible to have problems with video files that have no audio. This problem can happen for both online video and local video files (AVI files or DVD movies, which mostly are VOB files).

The first thing to check of course is whether the computer sound is working at all. If there is no audio device installed, nothing will play. Just test your sound using the Sound setup in the Control Panel, or play an audio file (WAV or MP3) in the Windows Media Player. If the audio is not working, try reinstalling or updating your audio drivers to restore sound.

Once you know the sound is working, but the video file still plays without sound, the next thing to check is the player software. For online video files, the most common software used is the Adobe Flash Player and in some cases Apple QuickTime. Downloading and installing those players can often fix your video without sound problem for online movies.

Video without soundFor a local video file, the default player is the Windows Media Player. It can help to use a different media player for local movie files. A free media player that is widely used and can play a lot of multimedia formats, including video files, is VLC Player. Download and install it to test if your video file plays with audio in that.

A common problem with multimedia files is missing codecs. A codec is required to convert the video and audio to the right format for the sound card and video card to play it. Unfortunately there are many different codecs for both video and audio, so it is important that your computer has the right codecs installed to play all video files, including the embedded audio streams.

Examples of popular multimedia formats that require a codec are: DivX, XVid, AC3, MP3, MPEG.

In the Media Player configuration, make sure that you configure it to download codecs automatically. That way missing codecs will be automatically downloaded if a video file is played for which no codec is installed.

Another solution is to install a so called codec pack, which contains a variety of commonly used codecs. That will ensure that all supported media players on your system are able to play video and music properly, and solve video without audio problems. There are a number of good codec packs, K-Lite and CCCP.

If you don’t want to install a codec pack, but just the right codec, you need to find out which codec is used by the video file. For this you can use a free tool called GSpot, or AVICodec. Once you know which audio codec is missing, you can download it and play your video with sound this time!

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