With the popularity of voice chats or VOIP call today, computers rely on good audio cards and external audio hardware, like speakers and microphones. For voice chatting, a headset is still the perfect solution.

One important aspect in voice calls is that you can hear each other clearly. And although the first idea is always to turn up the playback volume, it might be worth looking at the recording volume for you microphone.

Sound Properties in Vista

To access the recording volume in Vista, you need to open the Control Panel from the Start menu. In the Control Panel, click the Hardware and Sound option, followed by the Sound option. This will bring up the Sound window. For the purpose of the recovering volume, we need to select the Recording tab.

Vista sound recording settings

The default recording device will be indicated with the white checkmark in the green circle. Select the right Microphone device, and then click Properties.

In the Microphone Properties window, you need to select the Levels tab.

Microphone recording levels

Now move the Microphone slider to the right to increase the microphone recording volume.

The Microphone Boost slider can be used to increase the recording volume even more, in case the standard recording volume is insufficient. Do keep in mind that if you set everything to the maximum, you might experience a little quality loss in the microphone recording. The Microphone Boost option might not be available depending on your sound card. In all cases, make sure your audio drivers are up to date to ensure full support of all features on your sound card.

Click OK when done.

Note: In case you want to use the microphone for speech recognition, make sure you click the Configure button in the Sound window and go through the Set up microphone option wizard to configure your microphone for speech recognition properly.

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