Modern mobile phones have the ability to record audio and mostly also video. The high resolution cameras on mobile phones give a decent quality video, and if the distance is not too big the audio quality is also fair. Once recorded, you can send an audio or video file to a friend, or you can retrieve it to your Windows computer and edit or play it there.

It can happen that you retrieve a media file from your mobile phone and you are not able to open it. Editing is not an option and the Windows Media Player will not play it as well. What to do?

A very common solution to this problem is to rename the file. Although most recording on mobile phones is stored in MP4 format, the file name extension is not always the expected .3gp that is associated with MP4 files from mobile phones. You might see something like: .samr .m4v .3g2 .smi and others.

So the first thing to try is to simply rename the file by changing the file extension to .3gp and try playing it again.

If that does not work, the next step is to ensure the right media codecs are installed. Installing Apple QuickTime can often help, but a full codec library like the K-Lite codec pack will also do.

Mobile phone music filesAs a last resort, you can try to convert the media file to a different file format. Some audio/video conversion programs support file formats independent of the file extension, which allows you to convert these non-standard files to a familiar file format (.avi for videos or .mp3 for audio for example).

MediaCoder is an example of a good free solution that allows you to convert media files from and to formats that are used by mobile devices.

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