Play music onlineAt the moment iTunes is one of the most popular applications to download music online. Since it is Apple’s tool to load music on the iPod and iPhone, many users adopt it as the default application to download and play music.

Of course there are also tools like LimeWire for people that share music online, but that is restricted to free content if you want to do it legally…

But why download at all? Modern high-bandwidth solutions make it just as easy to play the music online without downloading the music to your computer or music player. If you are not using it already, check out Spotify. It is an online music service that allows you to play music without downloading it first. Of course you can also download the music, but that requires a small payment.

Spotify has a huge music collection, and you can easily search songs, and create play lists. There is an “Open” account type, which gives you a number of free hours every month, so try it and see if it is for you.

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