When you are using external speakers with your computer, volume is generally the last you worry about. Turn up the volume on the external speakers and your music, video or game sound plays at the desired level.
And with most headsets the same applies, audio volume is not often a concern.

But if you are stuck with the internal speakers in a notebook, netbook or laptop, audio volume can definitely be a problem. Turning up the volume to the maximum level often reduces the quality significantly, so having a way to increase or enhance the audio volume would be great.

Increase audio volume with DFXThere are several 3rd party applications for this, but here I’d like to tell you about DFX audio enhancer. I have used this application with great satisfaction for a few years whenever I am traveling and using my laptop a lot. Audio levels are increased significantly, and also without decreasing the quality of the sound too much.

Recently version 11 of the DFX audio enhancer was released, and it is now useable with almost any audio source you can think of, including online audio streams. That means you can also use it to enhance audio conversations in VOIP calls through most chat programs. So if your Windows or Skype sound controls don’t give you what you need, try DFX.

It is easy to test, just download the free installer for DFX, and install it. The program can be tried for free. Although the maximum enhancements are not available, even the free version shows how much improvements you can expect.

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